P&C has been witnessing phenomenal growth in recent years. All this was possible on the firm belief that it is our human assets who made this happen. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage diversity. Our recruitment actions include lateral induction of experienced talent from industry and fresh talent from the campuses, across the country. As a good corporate citizen, we provide opportunities to designated segments of potential hires under Affirmative Action. These employees from diverse cultures are knit through project teams to capitalize on their ideas and culture and bring improvements.

An employee recruited from premier campuses constitutes a talent pool and prospective young leaders who form a succession pipeline of homegrown talent for future leadership positions over some time. Cultural acclimatization is facilitated through post Induction, Open House meetings, Suggestion schemes supported by formal Recognition and the Rewards system. The analysis of inputs captured from these processes is made into action plans for improvements towards the retention of talent.

We enjoy the lowest employee turnover and this is made possible through our focused actions like by providing opportunities for career growth through special assignments, overseas postings, differential compensation, premium pay for position/function criticality, flexible working hours, conducive work environment, mentoring, reward & recognition, on the job training and many more. These initiatives help the Company in the attraction of talent, reduced attrition levels and improved employee engagement and satisfaction scores year by year, Come and join us for a REWARDING EXPERIENCE!!

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